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About Aude ConstructAt Aude Construct we're quite unique in terms of the range of services we offer. In France there are no checks by building inspectors in the same way as in the UK. One reason for this is the French system of insisting that any builder wishing to work in any trade must be registered in that trade, and must carry a card proving that registration. To be registered one has to prove qualification or five years experience in that field. In normal circumstances this means that a construction company has to either, run the risk of doing work it's not actually registered for, or, employ subcontractors in that trade. The difficulty in this is firstly, the cost, and secondly the organizational issues involved, the greater the number of subcontractors involved the more likely a hold up. We are registered in France for all trades excluding Gas installation but including plumbing and electrical installation. We are therefore able to do a complete works without looking outside the company for assistance, it makes doing jobs like a kitchen installation much easier and less liable to delays.

About Aude ConstructWe are a small company and employ no direct staff however we are able to expand our workforce to suit a particular job. Over nearly thirty years working in the UK, and now France, we have built up a strong relationship with tradesmen across all the trades. As, and when, they are needed, guys from the UK are brought over for the duration of the job, or their part of it. They are paid directly and work is not subcontracted to them, this way the responsibility for the works remain completely with us and we have complete control over the methodology and quality of the works. The men we use are dealt with in another section and their particular skills are noted there, however for this section it should be noted we are able to cover all trades with qualified and/or experienced craftsmen.

About Aude ConstructWe are happy to provide advice, this doesn't necessarily have to entail paid work, we so no issue, time permitting, giving people assistance when looking to start a project or buying a house. If you're reading this and have a building related issue drop us a line and we'll try to help. If a more involved look is needed we're happy to look in more depth, we're happy to give an estimate of costs if you're thinking of buying a property. In terms of project management there's specialist's out there that do this better than us with a wider range of subcontractor contacts.

We believe very strongly that what we do is more important than just bottom line profit, having chosen a "different" life in France it's imperative that our work ethic corresponds with our life ethic The works we do affect the lives of our clients both in the short term, with the sometimes traumatic impact of interference in their lives and homes, through to the long term of changing the environment they live in. In the real long term we help shape the community and environment we all live in, it gives a great feeling of satisfaction to drive around seeing beautiful facades brought back to life by our own hands.

About Aude ConstructGiven all this it's vital to us that we make the experience of having building work done as easy as possible, that the client gets what they want with the best advice we can give, that they receive value for money, not necessarily the cheapest and that we walk away from a project knowing that both sides are happy with the result. There will be issues, there could be real difficulties and we can make mistakes, the issue is how you navigate these things to achieve a suitable conclusion.

I recognize that this sounds a bit arty, but I firmly believe that what we do is an art, or at least the majority of it is.